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Danielle LoDuca

Coaching Women to Success Without Sacrifice

Danielle LoDuca is a wife, mother of 6, and an enthusiast for horseback archery. She’s passionate about showing how women can be empowered and reach their goals.


Danielle is the Founder of Danielle LoDuca, LLC where she coaches and advises women. She’s coached over 150 women and has created the Merciful Warrior Fitness program.

Danielle also coaches female-led organizations and serves on the Board of 200 Muslim Women Who Care and Strange Inc.

After having 5 kids in 6 years, she found herself burnt out, frail and unfulfilled. Pursuing her dream to be a horseback archer started her on a journey to transform her weakness into strength and wellbeing – mind, body, heart and soul.  

From her writings about her experience as an American Muslim, to founding and advising multiple businesses and nonprofits, she has a track record of vision and bold action balanced by strong faith and genuine love. 


Work With Danielle

Life Coach and Trusted Advisor for Female Leaders

I’m a Trusted Advisor and Life Coach for Female Leaders: entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and dreamers ready to take the big leap.

I believe women can be the most powerful force in the world, and that when women are strong, everyone wins.

Danielle empowers women to change burnout into a fire within so they can increase impact while caring for themselves better than ever. 

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Danielle LoDuca