Looking Back, the Path is Clear

Have you ever felt like an outsider? I have. I always felt like I was different. As a kid I didn’t know it was okay to be and so I struggled, trying to fit in and be liked. To do things right. All that repression led me to rebel against conformity during my late teens. […]

How to Find More Energy

I created this framework with one of my clients who was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She said she felt like throwing her phone into the lake to get away from all the demands and tasks. She wanted to just do nothing, read a book, sleep and be alone for a while. Have you ever […]

Creating Wellness in Middle Age

Priorities Entering into our 40’s and beyond often includes some fear, uncertainty and even a bit of sadness or grief. So much value is placed on youth in our society. We are sold anti-aging creams, hair dye and even surgical options to combat the visibility of aging.  This way we are conditioned to believe that […]

Hit Your Target Powerfully

Hit Your Target Powerfully My bedroom used to overlook a beautiful pond bordered by a gorgeous forest. The sun set every night over the water creating a light show of spectacular hues I’ve only seen in Florida. I knew it was beautiful. I acknowledged its beauty, but I couldn’t feel it. I had become numb […]