Merciful Warrior Fitness™

“I believe that women can be the most powerful force in the world, and that when women are strong, everyone wins.”

-Danielle LoDuca


  • Group Fitness
  • Private Training
  • Nutrition
  • Life Coaching

Reduce Stress and Maximize Commitment

You may not realize that you’re operating under chronic stress, which is highly damaging over time and is often the culprit holding you back from looking and feeling your best.

Rather than focus on aesthetics and ignore what women really need to succeed and thrive, our programs help you develop the identity, habits, strength and mobility that support you and your life goals, so you can commit to your health and wellbeing for good.

Take Charge of your Mind, Body and Results

Knowledgeable MW Mentors who believe in you and care about your results support you in a safe, judgement-free environment reserved exclusively for women.

MW has everything you need to get on track and stay on track: Momentum Coaching Sessions help you craft your vision and overcome obstacles, fun and challenging group fitness and private training build strength & confidence, nutrition counseling  helps you nourish your body to support your vision.

Investing in yourself is the investment you can’t afford not to make!

Merciful Warrior Fitness™ supports you as a whole  – mind, body, heart and soul.

Our unique approach is based on the intentional and strategic implementation of Merciful Warrior™ Key Concepts and Fitness Principles.



Create space for positive emotions, improve decision making capabilities and focus, while reducing stress.

Breath Work:

Regulates the nervous system, supports movement, improves lung function, removes tension & tightness.

Core Activation:

A strong, well-functioning core empowers you to participate in energizing activities and is essential for living a healthy, enjoyable life into old age.

The Edge:

Learn to work at your edge to experience gradual, sustainable improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility and more.


Short High Intensity Intervals improve cardio-vascular health and endurance without stressing the body.

Client Feedback

“MW group classes have become a necessity for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When I have to miss a class I really feel it on every level… And when I come to class, I feel it on every level.” – Lindsay C.

“This class is a great opportunity  to disconnect from the stress, the job, the family and focus more on myself and my health” – Reham A.

“I was surprised at how much exercise can really change your mood, mental health, and energy levels.”

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